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Homeros, Sophokles and Euripides are no longer with us, but to this day Greece remains an excellent source of strong stories, inspiration and creativity. This year the land of the muses deserves the focus of the International Short Film Festival Leuven. Despite the economic crisis, the Greek film world is flourishing. Building on the Greek weird wave, many recent short films have had a magically realistic tone.  

This compilation contains the following short films:

  • The distance between us and the sky

    Vasilis Kekatos :: Greece, France :: 9 min. :: 2019

    In the middle of the night, two strangers meet at a gas station. One is
    there to fill up his tank, the other is stranded and needs 22,5 euro to get
    home. He tries to earn that money by selling his new friend the distance

  • Astrometal

    Efthimis Kosemund Sanidis :: Greece :: 15 min. :: 2017

    Three friends end up in an abandoned nightclub in Athens. Loud music is playing but there is no one to hear it. One by one they fall asleep and surrender to a collective dream.

  • Dinner For Few

    Nassos Vakalis :: Greece :: 10 min. :: 2014

    Fat pigs are sat at a long table in a fancy hotel, feasting on food. The skinny kittens that are under the table are starving and worry about the upcoming scarcity. A dark allegory about capitalism.

  • Hector Malot: The Last Day of the Year

    Jacqueline Lentzou :: Greece :: 23 min. :: 2018

    On New Year’s Eve, Sofia has a dream that she keeps to herself: as she is crossing a desert, she finds out that she is ill. She pretends not to care.

  • Patision Avenue

    Thanasis Neofotistos :: Greece :: 13 min. :: 2018

    Een vrouw is onderweg naar een auditie wanneer ze beseft dat haar zoon alleen thuis zit.

  • Nimic

    Yorgos Lanthimos :: Greece :: 12 min. :: 2019

    After a shared subway ride, a woman follows a professional cello player home. The random meeting has major consequences, and his life will never be the same again.