European Competition - 3

101 minuten

The Leuven International Short Film Festival has been an important international player for several years now. The festival has a say in which short films make the longlist for the Oscars, the BAFTAs and the European Film Awards. It is not surprising that we always receive a ton of entries for the European competition. All of the films that we handpicked and present to you in six different programs are eligible for a Jury Award as well as an Audience Award. That means you help to decide which title will win Best European Film and will be purchased by CANVAS.

Deze compilatie bevat volgende kortfilms:

  • Mara Tamkovich :: Poland :: 29 min. :: 2018

    On her sixteenth birthday, Piotr wants to surprise his daughter Kamilla
    with a cake. He finds her on the bathroom floor, unconscious and in a
    pool of blood. Their lives will never be the same again. Piotr is

  • Mathilde Petit :: France :: 20 min. :: 2019

    Manu lives in a dictatorship of happiness, a world of constant well-being
    in which sadness is illegal. His broken heart makes it very difficult to
    feign happiness. One night, Lisa offers him an illegal solution to ease his

    Science Fiction
  • Tristan Heanue :: Ireland :: 13 min. :: 2019

    A couple facing a family crisis sets off on a road trip across Ireland to
    visit their daughter. Their support means the world to her, but the parents
    admit they can’t always be strong. Sometimes silence says more than a

  • Kasper Møller Jensen :: Denmark :: 20 min. :: 2018

    A Norwegian woman tries to make it as a screenwriter in the Danish film
    industry. Unfortunately, she often has trouble finding inspiration. She tries to move forward by using a self aware voice-over and a montage of

    Art film
  • Raynor Arkenbout :: Netherlands :: 13 min. :: 2018

    A salmon only has one goal in life which is to procreate. A young man
    reflects on all the pivotal moments of his sexual development which
    brought him to where he is today. By his wife’s side as she is about to