Ticket prices and discounts

VOD ticket short film program:: € 4


Provides access to all short film programs and livestreams. For sale here..

Accreditation for professionals
Everyone professionally active in film related activities (journalists, film critics, festival programmers, sales agents, film makers ...) can apply for an accreditation. When accepted, an accreditation gives you access to the entire festival program.

Ticket sales

Through this  Each short film program page had a ticket button.



You can purchase tickets in advance.

- VOD tickets can be used once during the entire festival period.

- Livestream tickets can only be used at the specified time. You can enter the virtual cinema half an hour before the livestream starts.


Voor tickets kan je met ons contact opnemen vanaf 9 november:
Onthaal Cinema ZED-Vesalius 
T +32 16 679 235

Voor info over de films en meer info over het festival:
T +32 16 679 240

De vereniging achter het festival:
T +32 16 679 240



Can I watch the films from abroad?

Both the livestreams as well as the VOD on offer can only be watched in Belgium. In order to have access to the full festival program from abroad, you need professional accreditation.

If I have a festival pass, can I watch both the VOD and the Livestream screenings?

Yes, a festival pass gives you access to both.

Can I return my ticket in exchange for a festival pass instead?

No, this is not possible due to our ticketing system.

Where and when can I watch a short film program?

The livestream screenings can only be watched at a specific time, as indicated on the livestream schedule. If you miss the start, you can join in a bit later and watch until the end of the livestream. It is impossible to rewind, you can only watch live. You can pause, but when you hit play again, the screening will not restart from where you paused but from what is being shown live at that moment.
The VOD programs are available to watch for the entire duration of the festival.

Will the short films be subtitled?

All films that are not in English will have English subtitles.

When do the talks take place?

At the livestreams, there is an aftertalk with the director immediately following the short film.

How do the QR codes in the brochure work?

You can scan the QR codes in the brochure using a QR code scanner app on your smartphone. Some apps have trouble recognizing the white on black codes, but our website and the program schedule will always take you to the right page.

Which browser should I use?

All up-to-date browsers should work, but we advise to use Chrome. If you want to chromecast, Chrome is the obvious choice.

What if something goes wrong while I am watching?

Should there be technical difficulties on our end during the livestream, we will fix the problem as fast as we can. If we are unable to, we will refund all tickets.
If there are technical difficulties on your end, try to figure out what is wrong. Is it your internet connection? A power issue? If you need help, call the ticketing desk of the Short Film Festival at 016/679 240.
If something goes wrong during a VOD screening (not live) please email or call 016/679 240.

How often can I watch a short film program for which I have a screening code?

When you log in with your screening code, you can watch the VOD programs unlimited for 24 hours and even restart - unless we have the impression you are using the system in a malevolent way.
The live streams can only be watched within the timeframe of the livestream. Watching it again, rewinding or fast forwarding is impossible during the livestreams.

Can I use my screening code to watch on multiple devices?

Absolutely, on the condition that these devices share the same IP address.

I seem to have lost the email with the screening code. What do I do?

Email or call the Short Film Festival ticketing desk at 016/679 240.

How can I vote?

At the end of the screening, a link will pop up allowing you to vote. This link only appears when you have watched all short films from start to finish. If you forget to vote, expect an email from us with a reminder.

Does every ticket allow you a single vote?

Yes. After the livestream or VOD screening, a link will pop up allowing you to vote. You need to be logged in with your screening code during the stream in order to vote at the end. The idea is that you watch all the films before you vote, as you have to rate each film.

Can I vote using an accreditation code?

Yes, if you watch the entire livestream or VOD screening. At the end, a link to the voting page will pop up.

How do I cast the video onto my television?

You can only cast livestreams and VOD screenings by casting your entire tab: click the three dots in the upper right corner of your (Chrome) browser. Select “Cast” and you will see the options available to cast to other screens.

Can I watch one specific short film?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. You can only purchase screening codes for a specific short film program. The fixed price is 4 euro per short film program.